Chandigarh to Shimla One Way Taxi Services

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  • Car Type Maruti Dzire
    2 Luggage
    4 Seats
    Airport Parking Not Included
    2200/- Inc. of Taxes*
    Select Car
  • Car Type Toyota Etios
    3 Luggage
    4 Seats
    2400/- Inc. of Taxes*
    Select Car
  • Car Type Maruti Ertiga
    4 Luggage
    6 Seats
    3300/- Inc. of Taxes*
    Select Car
  • Car Type Innova Crysta
    5 Luggage
    6 Seats
    4000/- Inc. of Taxes*
    Select Car
  • Car Type Innova Hycross
    5 Luggage
    6 Seats
    4400/- Inc. of Taxes*
    Select Car
  • Car Type Tempo Traveller 12+1
    8 Luggage
    12 Seats
    5500/- Inc. of Taxes*
    Select Car
  • Car Type Tempo Traveller 17+1
    15 Luggage
    17 Seats
    5900/- Inc. of Taxes*
    Select Car
  • Car Type Urbania 17+1
    12 Luggage
    17 Seats
    7700/- Inc. of Taxes*
    Select Car
  • FAQ

    What is a one-way taxi service?

    one-way taxi service allows you to book a cab for a single journey from one location to another, without the need for a return trip.

    How do I book a one-way taxi?

    You can easily book a one-way taxi through our website, mobile app, or by contacting our customer service hotline.

    Can I book a one-way taxi for any route?

    Yes, you can book a one-way taxi for your preferred route. We offer flexibility to accommodate various travel needs.

    Is the fare fixed for one-way travel?

    Yes, the fare for one-way travel is typically fixed for the chosen route, providing transparency and clarity in pricing.

    What types of vehicles are available for one-way travel?

    We offer a range of vehicles, including sedans, SUVs, and larger vehicles like tempo travelers, to suit your specific travel requirements.

    Can I book a one-way taxi for an airport transfer?

    Absolutely! One-way taxi services are ideal for airport transfers, ensuring a hassle-free journey to or from the airport.

    How do I know the details of my booked taxi?

    Once you book a taxi, you will receive confirmation details, including the type of vehicle, driver's contact information, and the scheduled pickup time.

    Can I make changes to my one-way taxi booking?

    Changes to your booking are subject to availability. Please contact our customer service as early as possible to discuss any modifications.

    Is the one-way taxi service available 24/7?

    Yes, our one-way taxi service operates 24/7, providing round-the-clock availability for your travel needs.

    What if my travel plans change, and I need a return trip?

    If your plans change and you require a return trip, you can contact our customer service to discuss options and availability.

    How easy is it to book taxi?

    Very! Our taxi booking form, placed on the top of the page, makes your transfer reservation very simple and easy. You can make a booking in 2 minutes.

    Ways to book a Taxi Service

    You can book a taxi with Sardar Travels Also you can go to simple Contact form for booking and fill out the contact form. Or call by phone +91-7696666640.

    How much is taxi from Chandigarh to Shimla?

    One-Way Trip Chandigarh to Shimla Starting from INR ₹2200

    Visitor’s Guide

    Stop worrying! We are here to share the burden with you and make your trip more relaxing with our Chandigarh to Shimla taxi service!

    While Chandigarh and Shimla are located in neighboring states, their distance in terms of length is not measurable. It takes almost four hours to reach Shimla from Chandigarh via car, provided the traffic is less and no more time is wasted at the toll posts. Although the scenery along the highways is worth exploring, traveling for four long hours without proper facilities and comfort is unacceptable. So, do not look any further because we at Sardar Travels have brought our exclusive Chandigarh to Shimla taxi service to you.

    We offer our customers different car choices so they can select the best option as per their headcount and the comfort level they are seeking. Since we have been in this industry for almost a decade, we understand the facilities most people look for while booking Chandigarh to Shimla one-way taxis. That is why we provide tailored services to cater to everyone's requirements without hassle.

    What are the specialties of our Chandigarh to Shimla cab service?

    Let's explore our service specialties so that you won't have to give any second thought to our transport agency.

    • 1. Affordable and fair prices: We always determine the Chandigarh to Shimla cab fare based on appropriate factors, like the distance to be covered and travel date and time. So, instead of charging a fixed fare, we provide a quoted price to ensure our customers know the expected charge for hiring our car service.
    • 2. No hidden charges: Our Chandigarh to Shimla cab fare doesn't include any hidden fee. So you will pay only for the service you have booked for. However, it is essential to note that the fare will depend on the chosen car type and facility.
    • 3. No cancellation fee: If you cancel our service, we won’t charge you additional Chandigarh to Shimla taxi fare for the same. We understand that canceling any booking means you might be going through some unexpected situation, and we fully support you. So, if you want to cancel the booking, call us, and we will process the request from our end.
    • 4. Versatile car choice: At Sardar Travels, you will get different choices for Chandigarh to Shimla one-way taxi. For instance, you can book a six-seater Toyota Etios or a seven-seater Innova Crysta per your requirements. This way, you won't have to compromise your comfort level as you remain cooped inside the moving compartment for four hours.
    • 5. Real-time GPS connectivity: All our cars are integrated with GPS technology to ensure we can track the position in real-time. This way, we are always aware of our cars and can check the routes taken to provide optimal security to all our customers.

    How to book our Chandigarh to Shimla cab?

    The process is quite simple and streamlined if you want to book our Chandigarh to Shimla one-way taxi service. Follow the below steps to complete the booking without facing any difficulty.

    •  First, you must give the destination points and select the travel date and time.
    • We will provide you with the car options available on the selected travel date and time.
    • After choosing the car option, submit a quote request to us. You can also request a Chandigarh airport to Shimla taxi fare if you travel directly to Shimla after landing there.
    • After reviewing the submitted quote, we will get back to you and offer you the estimated Chandigarh to Shimla cab fare.
    • If you are satisfied with our estimated Chandigarh to Shimla taxi fare, submit the booking request.
    • We will notify you with the confirmation request and the final Chandigarh to Shimla taxi fare breakup.

    No more exaggerated payments for Chandigarh to Shimla Cabs

    With Sardar Travels, you no longer have to worry about paying more than expected for regular or Chandigarh airport to Shimla taxi fare. Our driver will arrive at the given pickup location on time so that you won't have to wait much longer with everyone else and the luggage. Once you reach the destination, we will end the trip and bid adieu. So, what are you waiting for? Do not ponder much, and call us to book the best cab to travel to Shimla from Chandigarh now.

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