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Delhi to Dharamshala Have an escape from the extreme summers by planning a trip to Dharamshala. Rejuvenating amidst the serene nature, indulging in the adventurous activities and there is a lot more to experience in Dharamshala. So, why wait? Book your taxi with Sardar Travels and have an unforgettable Delhi to Dharamshala traveling experience. We are here to make your 475 km long ride a relaxing, enjoyable yet affordable one. Whether you have preferences for the route or have any other special traveling requirements, we can cater to your needs. Our taxi prices vary from Rs. 7700 to Rs. 15000 depending on the type of car you choose. You can pick any according to your budget and the number of members you are traveling with. Our taxis are available for one-way and round trips. You can book directly by clicking or Select Cab button or can contact us in case you have any queries.
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